September Edition: Newly Issued Patents

Congratulations to Purdue University researchers across all campuses and academic disciplines. They have recently received 22 patents on their intellectual property from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

Most of these innovations are available to license and bring to market. Visit the Purdue Innovates Office of Technology Commercialization’s website to learn more about these and other available innovations.

Are you a researcher at a Purdue University campus who has made an innovation discovery? Disclose your innovation to the Office of Technology Commercialization online.

These are the primary investigators whose work was recently patented:

Brian Bentz, no longer at Purdue

Mukerrem Cakmak, College of Engineering

Mingji Dai, College of Science

Craig Goergen, College of Engineering

  • “Four-Dimensional Imaging Analysis System for Organ Dynamics”

Sherry Harbin, College of Engineering and College of Veterinary Medicine

  • “3-Dimensional (3D) Tissue-Engineering Muscle for Tissue Restoration”

Pedro Irazoqui, no longer at Purdue

  • “Optical Pressure Treatment Through Electrical Stimulation”
  • “Wirelessly Powered Implantable EMG Recording System”

Young Kim, College of Engineering

Alexander V. Kildishev, College of Engineering

Hyowon Lee, College of Engineering

Jacqueline Linnes, College of Engineering

  • “Methods for Detecting Heart Rate, Respiration, and Oxygen Saturation and Uses Thereof”

Saeed Mohammadi, College of Engineering

Jae Hong Park, College of Health and Human Sciences

Vilas Pol, College of Engineering

Fahad Salamh, Purdue Polytechnic Institute

Kenneth Sandhage, College of Engineering

Shreyas Sen, College of Engineering

  • “Communication Device and Method of Making the Same”

Herman Sintim, College of Science

Haiyan Wang, College of Engineering

Jeffrey Youngblood, College of Engineering

Jiansong Zhang, Purdue Polytechnic Institute

Xinghang Zhang, College of Engineering

During the 2022 calendar year, Purdue Research Foundation ranked #5 among international universities for patents received from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. This was an improvement from the #6 international ranking the previous two years. The information was published in a report from the National Academy of Inventors.