Our Team

Matt Halladay

Business Development Manager II

Matt Halladay serves as Business Development Manager II in the Office of Technology Commercialization at the Purdue Research Foundation.  He works with Purdue faculty and student inventors to assess the commercial viability of their products. Matt serves as a liaison between inventors, business partners, and OTC’s legal team to develop strategies enabling the technology transfer of Purdue intellectual property, primarily in the areas of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering.

Prior to joining OTC, Matt worked in the Purdue Foundry assisting the commercialization efforts of Air Force Research Laboratory technologies.  Before that, Matt spent over 15 years in various military aviation roles.  Matt holds a BS in Career and Technical Education from Indiana State University and an MBA from Ohio University.

  • What is one invention that you just couldn’t live without?  The Internet
  • If you were selected to be a contestant on a game show that requires you to taste cuisines from around the world and name the cuisine’s native country, how would you prepare for it?  I would travel to countries I have not been to.
  • What outdated fashion would you love to see brought back?  Cargo shorts, although I would argue they aren’t outdated.  They’re too convenient for carrying things.
  • Other than safety and fuel efficiency, what is one aspect that you will not compromise on when searching for a new car?  Power Windows!  Luckily, there aren’t many new cars without them anymore.

Business Development Manager II