Our Team

Sally Ross

Associate Director, Operations Support

Sally Ross, Director of Operations, Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC). Ross joined the Office of Technology Commercialization in 2005. She is currently responsible for the oversight of all administrative functions within the OTC office including the supervision of the support staff and interns.

Prior to joining OTC, she worked several years with the Purdue University Development Office as a development research associate and as an events coordinator for the Purdue President’s Council and the John Purdue Club. Sally holds a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Purdue University.

  • What is one invention that you just couldn’t live without? Diet Coke.
  • If you could take one invention back in time to show off, what would it be, and to what time period would you take it? A pillow-top mattress to the pioneer days.
  • Other than safety and fuel efficiency, what is one aspect that you will not compromise on when searching for a new car? Remote start.
  • If someone promised you enough money to remodel/redecorate one room of your house, which room would that be? The kitchen.

Associate Director, Operations Support