Our Team

Stephen Domingue

Intellectual Property Counsel - Physical Sciences

Serving as Intellectual Property Counsel – Physical Sciences, Stephen advises the Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) on matters involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. He primarily focuses on the preparation and prosecution of patent applications at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Stephen is responsible for ensuring the innovations produced by the faculty and students at Purdue University are properly protected.

Stephen has a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences from Central Michigan University and a Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Toledo College of Law. Prior to joining the OTC, Stephen worked in private practice as a patent attorney for an intellectual property firm assisting many innovators ranging from solo inventors to Fortune 500 companies.

  • Other than safety and fuel efficiency, what is one aspect that you will not compromise on when searching for a new car? I’m rather tall, so leg room is a priority for me.
  • What time period do you think would be the most fun to live in and why? The 1950’s. They had fun music, a booming economy, and cool cars.
  • If someone promised you enough money to remodel/redecorate one room of your house, which room would that be? The workshop. Quality tools are not cheap.
  • If you were selected to be a contestant on a game show that requires you to taste cuisines from around the world and name the cuisine’s native country, how would you prepare for it? That seems like a good enough excuse to pack my bags and take a trip around the world!

Intellectual Property Counsel - Physical Sciences