FY 2013 Startups

Active Lesson, LLC

Active Lesson is a web based educational app for mobile devices and tablets. Active Lesson offers courses, primarily science courses, to students or anyone interested in learning about the subjects in an engaging and interactive fashion. Teachers can create Active Lessons for their students for easy online learning access.

Nanobio Interfacing Systems

NanoBio Interfacing Systems (NBI) produces sensors that detect electronic impulses through different enzymes. NBI’s sensors pick up the reactions and sends them through a machine where the results are recorded. The company’s prototype has sensors that accurately detect glucose levels in saliva, which could eliminate the finger prick test for diabetic patients.

Skyepack, LLC

Skyepack is an online textbook website that is helping students, faculty members, and universities step away from traditional textbooks. Skyepack works directly with faculty to create custom course packages to deliver to students at a fair price.



IN3 is a digital products company that has developed applications for platforms ranging from web and client server, desktop, handheld, and wireless and portable devices. IN3’s team is experienced in multiple programming languages and technologies that has enabled them to create 7 different applications for mobile and web devices.

Crown IP Holding

FieldWatch, Inc.

FieldWatch is a non-profit company that offers mapping and communication tools to specialty products, commodity farmers, commercial and private applicators, and bee keepers. FieldWatch’s technology, DriftWatch, is an online specialty crop site registry program. DriftWatch has been adopted by 12 states and one Canadian province.

Sugar Cube Systems, Inc.

Sugarcube Systems has developed a CAD technology that optimizes designs to be the least sensitive to process variations. Their metrology technology is accurate and enables self-calibration. The performance control technology also enables devices to change their effective mass, damping, and stiffness on demand.