FY 2014 Purdue Faculty-, Staff- or Student-owned Startups

Admissions Consulting Service LLC

Atlas Energy Systems LLC

Atlas Energy Systems is developing and commercializing a device that could potentially turn nuclear waste into electricity. The technology would be able to use the byproduct of nuclear waste and generate more electricity from it.


Awa is commercializing game applications for iOS devices. The company’s first game is called Bowl Bouncer.

Cheetah LLC

Coffee Coals

Coffee Coals is commercializing a faster, more environmentally friendly way to grill food by using coffee briquettes made from coffee grounds. The Coffee Coals technology makes the charcoal briquettes rigid, allowing the coal to heat faster and maintain heat longer than conventional briquettes.

Cytomics Analytical

Cytomics Analytical offers customized solutions to meet business needs.

DSTest Laboratories LLC

DSTest Laboratories was founded in 2014 to help manufacturers of natural ingredients, nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements to produce and certify the nutritional value of their high-quality products.

Enhance Therapies

Frosty Co.

Frosty is a web design and development company specializing in startups to help entrepreneurs achieve success. The company offers consulting services, and designs and develops websites for companies.


FundSponge offers an online platform to fundraise for clubs, non-profits, churches and other good causes. Users are able to earn money when members, supporters, and friends shop online.


Hazon Learning

Hazon Learning offers prepackaged software products.

MIFtek Inc.

MIFtek is an Indiana technology development company focused on next-generation cellular analysis solutions. The company works in the micro-fluidic domain by integrating the latest capabilities with new methods for identifying cellular systems and their function.

Mimir LLC

Mimir is commercializing a cloud-based technology that could reduce the amount of time it takes for professors to grade coursework in computer sciences. The product is a Web-based platform for automatic grading and a learning management system for computer sciences.


Next Generation Health and Safety Solutions LLC

Sonic Apricity


Toucan is commercializing an app that could streamline the process of ordering and paying for food at fast casual restaurants.


Vendo is commercializing an app that could allow college students a better way to sell and buy items on campus.

Work, Life, Help LLC

Ziph Labs

Ziph Labs is commercializing wireless power and data transfer products.