FY 2014 Purdue IP-Licensed Startups

Animated Dynamics Inc. 

Animated Dynamics is commercializing an innovation called “Biodynamic Imaging,” which could help pharmaceutical companies and oncologists study the effectiveness of anti-cancer drugs and help decide therapy choices for cancer patients. Company video

Jewell Laboratories LLC, formerly Aten Biotherapeutics LLC

Jewell Laboratories is commercializing an innovation that could make MR imaging more powerful and less harmful to patients. The company’s controlled-release imaging agent provides greater MRI detail with less toxicity.

Battle Ground Technologies LLC

DATTUS formerly Bearing Analytics Inc.

DATTUS is commercializing a technology that could help key industries save billions of dollars annually in costly repairs and lost productivity for industrial machinery through a novel monitoring and failure predicting technology. Company video

Biokorf LLC

Biokorf is commercializing a technology that could help compounding pharmacists save time while greatly increasing their precision when filling prescriptions. The technology, called 3D Integrated Pharmaceuticals, creates prefabricated components that a pharmacist can assemble into patient-specific doses. Company video

BlueVine Graphene Industries Inc.

BlueVine Graphene Industries is advancing scalable graphene production to meet large-scale manufacturing needs for biosensors and super capacitors. The company’s roll-to-roll systems could increase product graphene output by a thousand-fold over conventional processes.

CPrecisely Inc.

CPrecisely is commercializing a technology that allows people to read with increased visual sharpness on tablets, smartphones and laptops without wearing corrective eyewear. Company video

Drug-Free Therapeutix LLC

Drug-Free Therapeutix is commercializing a neural stimulation therapy platform that could provide neural stimulation therapy for many health issues including Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, migraines, pain management, Parkinson’s and nerve regeneration. Company video

Energy Driven Technologies LLC

Energy Driven Technologies is commercializing an innovation that could lower the manufacturing costs of high-tech devices in the biomedical, energy and other sectors through a novel material fabrication process that does not use chemicals or high-temperature processes. Company video

FORSUGO Hi-Cell Inc.

FORSUGO is commercializing a Purdue innovation that could help prevent terrorist attacks containing radiological “dirty bombs” and nuclear weapons by tracking potential attacks through smartphones. Company video

Frontier Additive Manufacturing LLC

Frontier Additive Manufacturing is commercializing an innovation with cutting-edge additive manufacturing capabilities to produce stronger, lighter metalworks for the automotive and aerospace industries through the use of specially designed high-tech 3D printers. Company video

KinaSense LLC

KinaSense is commercializing a Purdue innovation that could help oncologists and cancer patients make real-time decisions about the best treatment options. The technology helps by monitoring cancer drug dosages for different cancer types. Company video

Mobile Enerlytics LLC

Mobile Enerlytics is commercializing a Purdue innovation that could reduce the energy drain on smartphone batteries caused by mobile applications. The company’s software helps developers analyze code for energy usage before an app is on the market. Company video

Nano-Meta Technologies Inc.

Nano-Meta Technologies is commercializing the next generation of optical technologies. This Purdue innovation has strong applications in the fields of data storage, energy conversion and medical therapeutics. Company video


NEMOco is commercializing a Purdue innovation that already is helping transistor manufacturers overcome research and development challenges by providing strong modeling and simulation, designed for the nanometer level. Company video

Neuro Vigor LLC

Neuro Vigor is commercializing an innovation to improve the lives of people with diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s by targeting neurotoxins that damage nerve cells and trigger pain. Company video

Sagamore Adams Laboratories LLC

Sagamore Adams Laboratories is commercializing two Purdue innovations. One could transform the paradigm on how radiation sensors work in general. The other could change how adhesive sealants are manufactured with customized solutions. Company video

SensorHound Innovations LLC

SensorHound is commercializing software to protect the “Internet of Things” that could reduce development and operational costs for large networked sensor systems such as smart grids. Company video


SPEAK MODalities is commercializing a software app that helps children with non-verbal autism develop communication skills and acquire more advanced language concepts. Company video

SpeechVive Inc.

SpeechVive is commercializing a Purdue innovation that helps people with Parkinson’s disease speak with greater clarity and communicate more effectively. Company video

Spero Energy Inc.

Spero Energy has patented a one-step catalytic process that produces high-value chemicals from wood byproducts for the flavor and fragrance industries. This high-potential product provides significant commercial and societal impact. Company video

Symic Biomedical Inc.

Symic Biomedical is commercializing a Purdue biomedical innovation that could improve treatments for people with osteoarthritis, end-stage renal disease and for diabetic or other hard-to heal skin wounds. Company video

Vibronix Inc.

Vibronix is commercializing a Purdue innovation that could illuminate the specific location and severity of a patient’s heart disease to help guide early treatment therapeutics. Company video


ZeroUI is commercializing a Purdue innovation to develop a new class of hands-free, gesture-based 3D modeling software that aims to help design and make things on a 3D printer. The software is designed to help anyone create digital models such as a lava lamp, drum, table or a robot. Company video

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