FY 2015 Purdue Faculty-, Staff- or Student-owned Startups


BioProcol is a skincare and beauty product company who is developing an all-natural face cream from native plant sources.

Caktus Music Inc.

Caktus Music is a social music startup who is developing an app that allows users to explore new music, share what they are listening to, and connect with friends using an integrated music player.

Dunmo LLC

Dunmo is a technology startup that created an app that manages a person’s time by prioritizing and scheduling tasks into a daily agenda.


Flock Life is a mobile technology company that provides an online community for patients with diabetes allowing them to connect, exchange experiences and access resources to improve their quality of life.


GBox is a technology company developing a percussive device that empowers percussionists to move freely, interact with audiences and other musicians and improved the ergonomics of playing percussion instruments.

General Solutions LLC

General Solutions is a manufacturing company providing design, prototyping and short-run manufacturing services to a diverse range of clients.

Get Involved-Be The Change Inc.

Get Involved – Be the Change is a startup that raises funds for nonprofit’s by designing scarves and selling them online.


Guarders is a company developing a Spandex and cotton blend shape wear product that allows women to effortlessly carry necessities by utilizing inseam integrated pockets and garter style lines.

MirrorMirror LLC

MirrorMirror is a startup that has created a monitor that shows relevant information such as news, weather, time and emails, to the user and acts like a traditional mirror.

Tyler and Bailey Films LLC

Tyler and Bailey Films is a film company that specializes in wedding films, promotional work and music videos.


Scoooter is a centralized online bulletin board platform that connects students on college campuses who have common needs.

Spotter LLC

Spotter is a sports technology startup that is developing a device that tracks metrics for weightlifters and then communicates that information directly to a user’s mobile device.


Tunr is a software startup developing a cloud music service that allows users to maintain ownership of their own music library and also enjoy the flexibility of a cloud-streaming service.

Uprint LLC

UPrint is a computer technology startup that has developed an app that helps users print documents from smartphones to selected printers on college campuses.


Vortex is a PC game design company that creates games that provide a universe experience with single player interactions.

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