FY 2015 Purdue IP-Licensed Startups


AccuPS is commercializing sensor technology that may improve virtual reality platforms for entertainment, education, robotics and other applications. Company video

Adaptive RF Corp.

Adaptive RF is commercializing advanced radio technology products and services. Company video

AddiLat, Inc.

AddiLat offers innovative printed-electronics manufacturing process technology and materials used in touchscreen displays.

Ag TechInventures, LLC

Ag TechInventures is commercializing a Purdue innovation that could improve the quality of genetically engineered crops, with a focus on alternative rubber. Ag TechInventures created the startup Edison Agrosciences to further develop the technology.

Agsoil Analytics, Inc.

Agsoil Analytics is commercializing a soil-mapping technology that provides visual information about soil functionality and productivity, which could increase profitability for farmers and growers as they cultivate their crops. Company video

Akanocure Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Akanocure Pharmaceuticals is commercializing an innovation that could improve cancer treatments by synthesizing and developing anti-cancer chemotherapeutic drugs derived from natural origins. Company video


Anfiro is commercializing a technology that could improve the membranes used in seawater desalination plants and industries like food and beverage, oil and gas, and pulp and paper.

Boiler Health Innovations

Boiler Health Innovations is a not-for-profit company developed to shepherd Purdue-discovered pharmaceutical compounds through clinical trials. Company video

Doclu, LLC

Doclu is a software development company developing advanced analytical toolsets for scientific instruments and automation.

Emulatus, LLC

Emulatus is commercializing a cognitive perception technology that helps robots see in 3-D like humans. This technology advances robotics research and could help automate interpretation of echocardgraphic images and has other medical applications.

Ento Bio, LLC

Ento Bio identifies and synthesizes insect digestive enzymes to naturally break cell walls and treat difficult compounds. By mimicking insects, millions of products, from vegetable oil to wood pulp to biofuels, can improve efficiency, sustainability and cost.

Environmental Concrete Products, LLC

Environmental Concrete Products is commercializing a sealant for new and existing concrete used in industries like transportation and consumer products. Company video

GeniPhys, LLC

GeniPhys is commercializing a technology referred to as the “building blocks for tissues” which could support generation of off-the-shelf tissues and medical implants that induce improved tissue regeneration. Company video

Hettich Imaging Technology, LLC

Hettich Imaging Technology is commercializing a Purdue innovation of scattered laser light technology to quickly identify bacteria for applications in medicine, food safety and homeland security. The company is a subsidiary of the Germany-based Hettich Lab Technology.

High Performance Imaging, LLC

High Performance Imaging is commercializing a new class of computational imaging systems that could form higher quality images at a lower cost.

Imagine Medical Device, Inc.

Imagine Medical Device is commercializing a syringe that could help diabetic patients and practitioners administer the dosing of highly concentrated insulin. Company video

Legacy Hardwoods, LLC

Legacy Hardwoord is commercializing improved varieties of hardwood trees that grow straighter and taller to produce high-quality veneer wood. Company video

Prehensile Technologies, LLC

Prehensile Technologies is commercializing a technology that could provide people with mobility challenges with an easy-to-use method to position or remove an iPad or other mobile device on a wheelchair. Company video

PURSPEC Technologies, Inc.

PURSPEC is commercializing a technology that could improve point-of-care diagnosis by reducing the time it takes to analyze samples via mass spectrometry. Company video

Qura, Inc.

Qura is commercializing Purdue technologies that could make the diagnosis and management of chronic disease less expensive.

Savran Technologies LLC

Savran Technologies is commercializing an innovation to detect rare cells in a cancer patient’s blood stream and could improve the chances of survival and quality of life.

SmartGait, LLC

SmartGait is commercializing a technology that could aid health care officials in assessing a person’s risk of falling. Company video

TeraDeep, Inc.

TeraDeep is commercializing a deep-learning camera and hardware package that can be taught to recognize objects or perform tasks that could be used in security, automotive, industrial and defense applications.

Titanium Laser Tech, Inc.

Titanium Laser Tech is commercializing a technology that could reduce manufacturing costs and speed the production of hard-to-machine materials like titanium.

VinSense, LLC

VinSense is commercializing a software platform that provides wineries and wine grape growers with more accurate soil and microclimate data for improved vineyard management and harvest decisions. Company video

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