FY 2016 Purdue Faculty-, Staff- or Student-owned Startups

5D Analytics LLC

5D Analytics LLC is an engineering support services company providing expertise in optimizing organizational policy, information, processes, workflow, and life-cycle sustainment through experienced representatives and patented software tools.

Aerial Agriculture LLC

Aerial Agriculture LLC is an agriculture technology startup building agricultural drones in-house that can capture specialized images of entire crop fields.

Boce LLC

Boce LLC is tech startup developing an extension for existing action camera mounts that simplifies and speeds adjusting a camera’s direction during action enthusiasts’ adventures.

Insulink LLC

Insulink LLC is a health technology company, developing a holistic mobile and web-based application that targets all aspects of diabetes management including emotional support, local networks, health data analysis, targeted advice, and 24/7 educator care.


MBAville is a gamified MBA program that could provide a more engaging, integrated approach to teaching business concepts by utilizing an immersive, fantasy environment.

NimTree Organics LLC

NimTree Organics LLC is an agriculture product company which markets and sells Neem tree based organic fertilizer and pesticides which are produced in India by Neem India Products Private Ltd.

Nuggit Games LLC

Nuggit Games LLC is a design company developing custom laser-cut wooden boxes for board games that have outgrown their original boxes.


OWL LLC is a tech startup developing a smartphone app and fitness-tracking device aimed at encouraging children to be more physically active.

Perceive Inc.

Perceive Inc. is a retail analytics software startup, is developing a user-friendly, cost-effective computer and camera software program that provides data on the operations and environment of a store.

SAMCRO Technologies LLC

SAMCRO Technologies LLC is a software startup, is marketing a platform that uses data from sensors on construction equipment to streamline the construction process through a model of the site operations.


TERP2GO LLC is a technology company translating online higher education audiovisual content into sign language for deaf and hard of hearing students.