FY 2016 Purdue IP-Licensed Startups

Adam Weaver (Mechanical Solutions Inc.)

A new technology, the Weave Design, could provide a more effective, low-cost and environmentally friendlier way to efficiently deliver coolant to turnbine blades in gas turbine engines. Company video

Adranos Energetics LLC

Adranos Energetics is developing a new rocket fuel formulation that could make rockets used in military and space applications, travel further, carry greater payloads and be safer for the environment. Company video

Amplified Sciences LLC

Amplified Sciences is developing a point-of-care kidney disease detection technology that could detect kidney damage earlier than current methods and help prevent the need for dialysis or kidney transplants.

Davista Technologies LLC

Davista Technologies is commercializing a visual data analytics solutions technology that could provide real-time information to help first responders save lives.

Didactictron Inc.

Didactictron is commercializing  a six-axis, open source controller and teaching pendant that could allow technology college students an affordable way to gain real-world, hands-on experience in automation and robotics.

Experience Design Group LLC

Experience Design Group is commercializing Literacy Labels, an app that could help children with autism read, understand and spell words in a more customized and engaging way by using printable labels. Company video

Expimetrics Inc.

Expimetrics is commercializing a Web and app-based platform that could capture more detailed insights on conventional marketing tools used to measure how people respond to new products, environments and services. Company video

Greater Innovations LLC

Greater Innovations has licensed a Purdue innovation that could develop dried distillers grain solids  into a low-cost, higher quality option for animal feeds and a more sustainable, biodegradable option for fertilizers. Company video

Grissom Controls LLC

Grissom Controls is commercializing a software solution that could allow commercial building owners and occupants to cut utility costs by optimizing the controls for their heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

Houston Mechatronics Inc.

Houston Mechatronics has licensed a Purdue innovation that could optimize electric motors and design more efficient, cost effective and greener alternatives in automation in the energy sector.

Humotus LLC

Humotus has developed a low-cost, easy-to-use software application that is able to capture human movement, providing clinicians more comprehensive and quantitative information regarding a patient’s prognosis. Company video

J and H Consulting LLC

J&H Consulting is developing and licensing agricultural software tools that help farmers and agribusiness improve crop yield forecasting, nutrient management and environmental protection.

JUA Technologies International LLC

JUA Technologies International is commercializing an affordable, solar powered crop drying device for smallholders in developing counries and small organic farms in the United States to reduce post-harves losses. Company video

Lodos Theranostics LLC

Lodos Theranostics is developing a unique nanoparticle ultraviolet radiation technology that could enhance cancer cell killing effects of radiation treatment, thus reducing radiation doses and patient side effects. Company video

Maji Safi International LLC

Maji Safi International is developing a low-cost, low-maintenance slow sand water filter technology to better provide clean and safe drinking water to schools and communities in developing countries. Company video

MedNoxa LLC

MedNoxa licensed a Purdue innovation that provides a novel, over-the-counter oxygen based bandage that could bring an effective and affordable ulcer or wound healing solution to diabetic patients.

Monojul LLC

Monojul is an Illinois-based life sciences company developing novel cancer treatment technologies.

Penguin Innovations Inc.

Penguin Innovations is commercializing a certified pharmacy clean room laboratory for students and other industry professionals to gain hands-on experience in creating sterile and quality pharmaceutical compounds. Company video

Pinpoint Pharma LLC

Pinpoint Pharma is commercializing a portable inkjet printer to produce precise, personalized medication dosages faster than traditional methods, which could improve overall drug effectiveness and decrease patient side effects.

Phicrobe LLC

Phicrobe is commercializing a technology that could provide a rapid, simple and inexpensive test for the detection of E. coli.

Resarci Therapeutics LLC

Resarci Therapeutics is commercializing a late-stage prostate cancer therapy that could provide an alternative to current hormone therapies that are known to develop resistance after prolonged use. Company video

Scientific Ceramic Engineering Inc.

Scientific Ceramic Engineering has licensed a Purdue ceramic injection-molding technology that could produce stronger, faster and less-expensive complex ceramic parts for a multitude of industries.

Simplexiy Simulations LLC

Simplexity Simulations is commercializing a molecular modeling simulation software that could help pharmaceutical companies more accurately predict the crystal structure of a drug once produced.


STEMinent is commercializing a more valid, consistent and unbiased educational assessment online platform to assess faculty performance in the classroom in real time.

Software Bug Localization Inc

Software Bug Localization is commercializing a technology that utilizes unique algorithms to improve the accuracy of software bug locaization, narrowing the parts of software that require examination to same time and money.

Sustainable Rainforest Solutions LLC

Sustainable Rainforest Solutions is commercializing an informational and interactive app that could allow travelling students, professors, tourists and plant enthusiasts to easily access a database of tropical plant profiles.

Virtualis LLC

Virtualis is commercializing a virtual nose technology that could allow better virtual reality experiences for users, decreasing the effects of VR sickness and increasing the amount of play time. Company video


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