FY 2017 Purdue Faculty-, Staff- or Student-owned Startups

Athelite, Inc.

Calvary Engineering LLC

Calvary Engineering is developing engineering education tools and novel devices for students and hobbyists to encourage a more hands-on learning experience.

eLecturic, Inc.

eLecturic is developing a platform that promotes student engagement in lecture environments by allowing real-tim communication between students and professors.

Explore Interactive LLC

Explore Interactive is developing a platform that uses augmented reality to help K-12 students more effectively learn STEM subjects and increase standardized test scores through an engaging, interactive application.

Froyo Xpress

FroYo Xpress is developing an automated, self-serve frozen yogurt kiosk that offers an all-natural,  non-dairy frozen yogurt with minimal inventory and labor requirements.

Hydro Grow LLC

Hydro Grow is commercializing hydroponic, in-home appliances that use advanced machine learning algorithms to grow fresh produce in consumers’ homes. Company video

Predictive Wear LLC

Predictive Wear is developing a compression sock monitored by built in sensors that could help prevent venial collapse and discomfort in its users.

Spatia Science LLC

VeoRide, Inc.

VeoRide is developing a sustainable and smart bike share program that allows users to retrieve and return a bike from and to the nearest bike rack to improve convenience, comfort and affordability of bike share experiences.


We-YouBond is commercializing a service that provides coaching and acclimation guidance for international students studying at American universities.