FY 2017 Purdue IP-Licensed Startups

Adipo Therapeutics LLC

Adipo Therapeutics is commercializing a disruptive nanotherapeutic platform that could induce conversion of bad fat to good fat in an effort to provide a safe and effective way to treat obesity and diabetes. Company video

Admantite Technologies LLC

Admantite Technologies is developing high quality thin films on various substrates that could be used in touch screen technologies, flexible electronics and sensors.



Bionode LLC

Bionode is developing specially equipped contact lenses and glasses that could provide a non-invasive, personalized therapty to treat and prevent elevated intra-ocular pressure in patients diagnosed with glaucoma. Company video

CorVus Biomedical LLC

Corvus Biomedical is developing a more effective way to treat diabetes and related complications by studying a unique “Ossabaw’ pig that is equipped with a heart that mimics a human’s heart.

EFIL Pharmaceuticals Corp.

EFIL Pharmaceuticals is repurposing a drug that show promise in treating type 2 diabetes and obesity whil reducing overall body fat. Company video

Enhance Therapies LLC

Enhance Therapies  is developing a technology to provide urologists and surgeons a timely and targeted method to better isolate and remove identified bladder cancer tissue during surgery.


ExMat is developing a specialized tool to join two metals together more effectively, including advanced alloys, to produce a higher quality and stronger weld with significantly reduced costs.

GTK Carbon LLC

GTK Carbon is developing a scalable roll-to-roll manufacturing process that allows enhancement of standard materials through the introduction of graphene.

IFBattery LLC

IFBattery is developing a technology that could provide an “instantly rechargeable” method that is safe, oaffordable and environmentally friendly for recharging electric and hybrid vehicle batteries. Company video

Lactor LLC

Lactor is commercializing an interactive app that aims to connect breastfeeding mothers with lactation consults to improve breastfeeding outcomes for new mothers.

LED Central LLC

LED Central is developing a technology that could more realistically siulate LED devices to determine efficient and powerful designs.


MR-Link is developing an affordable, smart, coin-sized MRI device that when placed into existing MRI machines could allow medical professionals to perform concurrent imaging and recording for diagnostic purposes. Company video

Natural Renewal LLC

Natural Renewal is developing an all-natural, nontoxic alternative liquid bandage made from corn.

Novosteo Inc.

Novosteo is developing and commercializinga targeted drug combination that could expedite bone fracture healing and administered through an injection. Company video


PICS Global is commercializing a chemical-free, low-cost crop storage bags that prevents insect-caused post-harvest losses for farmers. Company video

QUAIL Modeling LLC

QUAIL Modeling is developing a new liquid modeling technique to predict chemical reactions and lower drug development costs. Company video

Reactive Insights LLC

SoyFoliate LLC

SoyFoliate is bringing to market a soy microbead technology that could offer an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic microbeads often found in personal care products.

ZeaVaxx LLC

ZeaVaxx is developing a new vaccine delivery system that could provide farmers and veterinarians with a novel, corn-based material to achieve optimal immune response and decrease side effects. Company video

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