FY 2018 Purdue IP-Licensed Startups

C1 Robotics LLC

C2 Medical Robotics, Inc.


Creating a new lubricant for diecasting.



Provides physics-based medical-imaging analysis tools.


CROPi is developing advanced software that collects precise data about crop development, analyzes that information and provides information that helps those decision-makers in agriculture be more strategic in making choices to improve crop growth.


FWDNXT is designing next-generation hardware and software for deep learning aimed at enabling computers to understand the world in the same way humans do.


HaptImage created a device that allow blind and visually impaired people to use touch and other senses to instantly help them comprehend photos and digital images.

Hummingbird Robotics

Hysonic Technologies

HySonic Technologies specializes in the development of computational models for the simulation of flow problems of interest to the defense industry.

Integrated Modeling Solutions

Leaf Spec


LectureWise created a digital learning platform to improve communication between students and teachers and provide real-time feedback on student comprehension and participation.

MediTrak Life

MediTrak Life is a medical device startup that focuses on using devices to collect vital signs and other data to improve health conditions.

Next Offset Solutions

Next Offset Solutions is an engineering and technical services provider with prototype and limited-run production capacity.


NutraMaize is pioneering using natural breeding techniques to produce more nutritious corn and combat vitamin deficiencies in developing countries


Ongenia is developing an air filter that performs 15 percent more efficiently than typical HVAC air filters within residences for roughly the same price.


Petal Solutions

Petal Solutions is developing instruments to precisely measure pressure, temperature and other analytics inside the harsh environments of rocket engines and gas turbines.

Progeny Drone

Progeny Drone has created software that rapidly converts aerial crop photos into useful information for plant breeding, crop modeling and precision agriculture.

Samara Biotech

Samara Biotech uses microscopic bubbles filled with oxygen to help with various medical treatments.

SMK Diagnostics

SMK Diagnostics developing a sensor that can detect dangerous mosquito-borne tropical diseases faster and at a lower cost than current methods

Spirrow Therapeutics

Spirrow Therapeutis is developing a novel treatment for acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS, a lung condition that kills about 40 percent of its victims and leaves survivors with chronic mental and respiratory conditions. 

University Pharm 


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