FY 2020 Purdue IP-Licensed Startups

AI-Medic LLC

AI based medical assistant.

Aizenn, Inc.

Non-invasive electric level monitoring.

Alethia LLC

Social distancing analysis though networked cameras.

Araqev LLC

Algorithmic correction of additive manufacturing print files.

Continuity Pharma LLC

Continuous manufacturing of pharmeceuticals.

Crossroad Robotics LLC

Prosthetic ankle joint.

CryptoMed LLC

Method of stopping drug counterfeiting.


High-sensitivity prostate cancer detection assay using DNA.


COVID-19 treatment/therapeutic.


Corn mutagenesis methods.

Hasler Ventures

Rare earth metal extraction from coal ash.

HemaChrome LLC

Non-invasive method for determing blood hemoglobin level.

LeafSpec Ag Tech

Handheld spectrography for crop health.

Maijker Corp.

AI-based sensors.


Therapeutic for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Mussel Polymers

Specialty adhesives for underwater use.

Neurava LLC

Wearable device to stop sudden death from epilepsy.


OmniVis makes handheld devices to rapidly detect for dangerous pathogens, anywhere in the world.


Quantum simulations.

Quantum Business Algorithms LLC

Development of quantum based algorithms for business use.

Rescue Biomedical

Implantable device for recovery from opioid overdose.

Vision Express Optics

Specialized forensic optics for 3D crime scene reconstruction.